Best way to lose weight?

So whats the best way for me to lose weight and have a better lifestlye?
I'm 6'2 316lbs. Do I need to just eat better and excersize more? Or
should a person see a doctor or someone and get on a personalized
plan? Like a certain amount of calories or fat etc? I used to drink a lot
of soda, diet soda, but still a soda. Is Iced tea good to replace sodas
with? Or should I go to water?

all weight loss plans have one thing in common, they all rely on calorie restriction no matter which one you choose thats the common denoninator. high carb, low carb, low fat, zone, slim-fast, weight watchers, etc. you have to find one that YOU like and YOU can live with in the long term. but it all boils down to less food and drink passing your lips.

FYI - 1 lbs = 3500 calories

I would recommend eating fresh fruits and veggies, lean broiled meats and whole grains.

Reduce saturated fats, deep fried foods,  and refined carbs.

If your health allows it, you should interval training and weight training.  The extra muscles built from those two will help burn the fat.

Personally, I lost about 12 lbs doing bear crawls, divebombers, boot strappers, and bodyweight squats.  Most of the time my diet consisted of lots of water and teriyaki chicken.

Good luck!