Best way to measure penis size

Take a string, start at the center of your anus, run it down along the gooch and along your fully erect penis to about an inch beyond the tip of penis.

Mark that point on the string and lay it flat, then measure total length and there you go! The results will surely be impressive. Be sure to brag.

Heard it on Adam and Drew podcast, wanted to help keep everyone's confidence levels up. Happy Thursday Phone Post 3.0

Just tell us how much can fit in your mouth and/or asshole.


In that case I'm a solid 4" Phone Post 3.0

BrowBeater - From the center of the anus, to just past the tip. Phone Post 3.0
Adam carolla listener Phone Post 3.0

RubberFistofFury - In that case I'm a solid 4" Phone Post 3.0
Nobody likes a showoff....jerk! Phone Post 3.0

that would give me a legit 12" og hog and not one bitch i fuck with would be happy about it Phone Post 3.0

I measure mine from the outer left side of my anus. Phone Post 3.0

i measure mine from the base of my neck, under the taint and an inch past the tip.  I like to be conservatively thorough

I heard waist size and penis size were identical once in 2nd grade, so I've been telling women I was packing 32"

Have a midget close her eyes and hold your boner and ask how big she thinks it is. Thats the way I do it.

Does your girl enjoy it? if so, it's big enough.

Just make an L shape with your thumb and index finger,measure the diagonal distance between tips, that is how long your hog is

Oh it's 7" Phone Post 3.0