best ways to piss off women?

If she asks "does my bum look big in this?"

Reply: "yea, but at least it takes the attention away from your face!"

Your girlfriend catches you on and mistakes it for a porn site. (easily done!)

Leigh u r so thoughtful!
Sjoberg - I think you'll be the one pissed off if she actually used to be called Bob.

Invite all your friends round to have sex with her when shes drunk, then send the pics to her mother.

Put on a sad movie, then wait til they start crying, and point and laugh at the top of your voice.


Widge, how do you know, have you ever plucked up the courage to talk to a woman?


Fuck the girl doggy style, push your thumb up her ass and call her Bob.

"You like that, don't you, Bob?"
"You're so tight, Bob!"

And so on..

Whenever they cook something for you, tell them they'll good housewives.

ha ha ha
no tell them macdonalds tastes better

damn this is funny shit....

Tell them about this thread.

great way to piss a women off is to shag her doggy style,then whilst doing it lean close to her and say something like "hmmm your sisters pussy feels much tighter"
you get bonus points if you can hang on for more than 5 secs also

Every time she wants to have sex, tell her to take a shower and brush her teeth first.
Or say just say no and then whack off when you have gone to bed.

ha hah ha

Ya tell them that McDonalds tastes better and if they still want to be considered potential housewives then they better make up for it with the fucking (and cocksucking) aspect.

Piss on the toilet seat (ofcourse)

this is a funny thread, I'm gonna enjoy reading this!

ha ha, great responses. savateur, that is pure genious.

"and so what?" is gonna be my new catchphrase

Linger over pictures of fit birds in magazines/newspapers

Go quiet when Kylie Minogue appears on the tv

Move in with them :o)