Best webhosting company/site?


I have an active .com address but need to have it hosted somewhere. Im going to put up a site with bjj and judo techniques in spanish for people that cant speak english and want to polish their techniques.

I suppose I'd need good bandwith and storage for all the pictures and vids Ill probably offer for free viewing. So, does anyone know a company that is inexpensive yet offers the best services for what my site might need? I expect lots of hits since the demand should be high for a grappling site in spanish that would offer free online instruction.

Thank you for your help,

Roberto Kaelin

Had good luck with it and basic plans are cheap, check it out.

take a look at

(no, it's not a porn site)

Thanks guys Ill give it a look :-)

I've been using for my site and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I signed up for the free account when they were having a big special that's not longer available, so I don't know how competitive the plans are pricewise.


Have they been pretty reliable? Does your site go down often?