Best Welder/Fabricator youve ever met, AMA

No you are not Phone Post 3.0

Esab or miller?

I learned on an old Canox buzzbox which I have here but my dad uses the Miller 251 with the spool gun and the a Miller tig.

Dad is a production welder so finishing is not his strong point however he's a machine when he's working and he's pushing 65.

Where's your shop? I used to live in Jax. Im welding up in Brunswick now Phone Post 3.0

Do you work with a lot of sheet metal? Do you do stainless? Where are you located and would you be interested in quoting some work for my company? Every sheet metal fabricator around here worth a shit only wants big bulk orders and we build custom machinery. Phone Post 3.0

Could a recommend a welder for a beginner hobbyist? I'm making a smoker out of an old oil drum and figured it would hold the heat better if it was welded rather than riveted.

Also any recommendation for learning would be awesome!<br />