Best Whiskey under 60-ish bucks?

I dont drink alot but I enjoy whiskey from time to time. What are some of the better bourbons/whiskey/scotch in that <= 60-ish dollar range?

Macallan 12 year

spjackson77 -

Macallan 12 year

This x 10000000000000000000000

In for suggestions

Glenlevit 12, macallan 12,  glenmorangie 10, highland park

All solid 

Red Breast


Jameson Black Barrel

Laphraoig 10

Ardbeg 10

Bushmills (any of them)

Weller Special Reserve

Elijah Craig Small Batch

Buffalo Trace


Balvenie 12 double wood

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Four Roses single barrel

Old Forester 1920

Makers cask strength 

Bulleit single barrel

Anything from Corsair Artisan

The entire Weller line if you can find it at retail price

Blantons if you can find it

You could buy 4 bottles of Evan Williams single barrel or bottled in bond

Dalmore 12

Glenlivet 12

Balvenie 12 Double Oak (15 years is a little more and great as well)

For a few more bucks ($80ish) you can get Hibiki Harmony.

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Del Bac

Thanks for the suggestions. I actually bought a big bottle of Macallan for my realtor recently.

“Dougie’s Fight Club Whisky.”

Available by gift only.

Captain Canuck - "Dougie's Fight Club Whisky."

Available by gift only.

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3 bottles of bushmills! 

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Trust -

Redbreast 12 runs about $70 here, but Powers' Three Swallows is around $45 and is also pretty good.   These are both Irish whiskeys.  

Damn. Without giving your exact location away, where do you live? I just got it for $43 on my lunch today. I’m in the Bay Area, Ca. 

Jim Beam

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Rare Breed 

Canadian Mist...

Captain Canuck -
Captain Canuck - "Dougie's Fight Club Whisky."

Available by gift only.

It turns you ghey and blind.  The ultimate bargain!