Best wishes from Domination Fightw

Domination Fightwear would like to wish a merry christmas and a happy new year to all; fighters, trainers, promoters, and first and foremost to the fans that make our passion a growing sport.

We would like to wish for the new year that mixed martial arts in Canada will grow and be allowed in all provinces, that the promoters will be united (i'm so naive)and that the top canadian fighters, guys like Loiseau, Vigneault, Menjivar, St-Pierre, Joslin, Gill, Kang, Doerksen, Hominick etc. will be recognized all around the world.

Domination Fightwear would like to wish the best to all his associate fighters as:

David Loiseau

Stephane Vigneault

Steve Vigneault

Ivan Menjivar

George St-Pierre

Thierry Quenneville

Simon Cormier

Mark Colangelo

Donald Ouimet

Yan Pellerin

Team Thompkins

And everybody who is supporting that wonderful sport.

Merry X-mas and a happy new year.

Yannick Loof



TTT Thanks bro!

Your welcome.


You too !!