Best workout sports drink, powdered

I’m looking for a sports drink for after my martial arts. I work out hard and sweat a lot. I’ve been drinking water but it doesn’t cut it. I need electrolytes. Is there any powder that is better than Gatorade?

I get cramped up some days

Best sports drink; SCHLONGED!?

Coconut water + spinach + banana + pinch of sea salt. Blend and drink. Lots of potassium and way better than any of that artificial bullshit.

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Holy shit, you need to sell that shit

Pedialyte sporr

Anyway I need something easy, so artificial shit for me

Try coconut water. It’s pretty high in potassium alone. Some people think it tastes like dirty bath water but most people like it. I think its good

Cocaine /water. Tastes terrible but man, I can lift things I never could before.

I keed, I keed. The water ruins it.

Trace minerals power paks might be what you’re looking for.


I’ve used that in tournaments and it works well. I might just use that.

You work out?


This is what I use, I was suffering from cramps occasionally after MT class. But not this flavor it’s nasty. Lemon Lime for Gatorade like flavor and Blood Orange to mix it up.

I like that but it’s a shitload of potassium. Might not be a good idea after intense exercise (I could imagine bad things happening if there is even mild rhabdo)

I dont crossfit but is mild rhabdo actually a real concern? I’ve never actually had that drink post workout, it’s just one variety of green smoothie that I make occasionally. After lifting I just have plain whey isolate mixed in water and eat some fruit or blend up plain oats and water for carbs.

I only see the bad rhabdo after intense exercise but have no clue if mild rhabdo is frequent or not. It might not be an issue. I’ve just done a boot camp training last Saturday and am still aching from it lol.