Best/Worst/ and Unused walkout music

sweet n sassy -
Roy Batty - Best:
1. Era - Enae Volare Mezzo. Fedor's old theme gave me chills every time.
2. Danzig - Mother. Gonzaga's back in the UFC, and bringing the best current walkout w/ him.
3. The Pixies - Where is my Mind. David Heath used it at least once in the UFC.
4. Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping up to Boston. Forrest's best walkout.
5. RATM - Killing in the Name. Condit should go back to this.
Honorable Mentions:
-Spencer Fisher's walked out to God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash.
-Somebody walked out to Sepultura in the last few years, and it was pretty great!

Unused (no real order):
1. Misfits - We Bite. Awesome proto-thrash track that is just too perfect for a walkout. Heck, most of the Earth AD-era Misfits tracks would be great for an entrance.
2. The Trooper - Iron Maiden. Needs no explanation.
3. Black Flag - My War. Pure anger.
4. Sign of the Southern Cross - Black Sabbath. It, quite simply, rocks and owns.
5. War Machine - Kiss. One of their heavier tracks, with a great simple riff to pump up a crowd.

1. "Song 2" by Blur needs to go. Now!
2. “Last Resort” by Papa Roach. UGH!
3. Yoshihiro Akiyama - Time To Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman. Not a bad piece of music, to say the least, but just not a good walkout. Ode to Joy would be a better classical entrance, by far.
4. Jump Around by House of Pain was just not a good one.
5. “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback. *Shudder*

Good post but Sexyamas enterance is one of the best ever I think Phone Post

Fuck you I like song2 Phone Post

jonno615 - As an aussie Kyle Noke comming out to land downunder at ufc 127 gave me goose bumps Phone Post

I was there to, that was cheesy as fuck!! Shoulda come out to acca Dacca IMO Phone Post

We want war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Best unused? Ginagi, duh.  

I think clay guida used it but new noise by refused is still underused.

As for classical songs carmina burana also doesn't get as much use as I'd have thought. Phone Post

My failed attempt at embedding a vid above is These New Puritans song "We Want War", which as far as I know has never been used. I think the beat and the fact that they repeat the lyric "we want war" make it a good choice.

 BJ coming out to Iz is tops in the sport

Hardy coming out to England Belongs to Me, is great. He should go with Violence in Our Minds.

Randy has walked out to the Hendrix version of Star Spangled Banner

Bisping was better with London Calling than Blur. It's pretty weak. He needs an anthem like how Hatton used Blue Moon b/c of man shitty

Cro Cop's Wild Boys is uncomfortable

Fedor coming out to the monk singing is mezza mezza

UFC is too cheap to ever show a Sakara entrance. They could be epic.

Dan Miller has hilbilly music and he's from Jersey.

Cain has cynical Mexican oompah music. He can't listen to that shit

Marcus Davis' use of Jump Around had to be forced on him.

Brock using Shot at the Devil was weird

Dana should have let Chuck use Walk from Pantera instead of forcing DMX on him. Chuck walking to Slayer was cool

RJJH -  I have always wanted to hear someone come out to Stand by REM.

Ewww, that song gives me droopy poopies. I'd be down for some more prog-rock/metal entrances though. Everybodies walkins are taking long enough to get all of "Working Man" in there these days. Phone Post

I'm in the House -- Steve Aoki
Killer -- Disco Fries and Clinton Sparks

"Somebody is gonna die, tonight, tonight, tonight!
Say goodbye to your life tonight, tonight, tonight!
Cause I’m a murderer, I can take the pain away!
Yeah, I’m a murderer, I can take the pain away!
Cause I’m a killer!
Yeah, I’m a killer!
Now watch me murder!"

I walked out to both of these, they are awesome lol Phone Post

Also I can't remember who it was, but I remember someone coming out to "Stinkfist" by Tool. It was both awesome and gross considering what was about to go down. Phone Post

Someone should come out to Poundcake by Van Halen..awesome intro

I'd love to see someone come out to the "Fight to Survive" song from Bloodsport. Phone Post

best: Pride FC theme.

gets me pumped everytime

Somebody walked out in ufc to "stupid kid" by alkaline trio a few years ago, that was sweet Phone Post

The british are coming by MR Shaodow used by John Maguire at ufc 138 was pretty cool, British rap.

Jose Aldo using 'Run this Town' deserves to be mentioned, especially when used in a fighters home town (i.e. the Hominick and Faber fights).

I actually got a blind date off of this walkout music.

Paulo Thiago using the track from Tropa de Elite was also epic!!

 lol at the fat ring girl, then the typo on the fighters weight 125 lol