Best/Worst Kids Shows?

I have 2 boys, a 2 year old and a 4 year old, so I get stuck watching a shit ton of kids television shows. Over the years I've learned what shows are bearable and which ones I hate. I was wondering what the other dads out here think. Mine are:

Bubble Guppies
Team Umizoomi
Paw Patrol
PJ Masks
Blaze and the Monster Machines

Max and Rubie
Peter Rabbit
Sophia the First
Shimmer and Shine
Mickey Mouse Funhouse

Sarah and Duck was great.

Oh, and Timothy goes to school makes my eyes bleed. Hate that bloody show.


kratts creatures and zoboomafoo




barney and friends


Bruh cayou is a piece of shit.

Mr Poopy Butthole - Bruh cayou is a piece of shit.
No joke, for a longest time I thought caillou had cancer... But yeah, don't care for the show...

Jimmy Neutron and Phineas and Ferb ruled

Put Octonauts on the good list or fuck your mother!

my kids love all of those shows on your like list. They love Mickey Mouse as well though.

How kids show are we talking?

I actually kind of enjoy watching a few things with my nieces and nephews. The ones I like watching are probably a little adult for them but I feel like its my duty as an uncle to warp their minds a little.

Star Wars Clone Wars
Bravest Warriors
Pinky and the Brain
Invader Zim
Sponge Bob
Adventure Time

Plus pretty much any 90's cartoon from my childhood.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (oldschool version)
Tiny Toons
Duck Tails
The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

Splash and Bubbles is titties.  It teaches all about that scary ass ocean.

Blaze and the Monster machines.  Crusher cheats every time, even though he always in the lead when he does it.  Blaze cheats though too though, imo, because he has a human driver. 



We have 3-year old twins (boy & girl). For the longest time, they were obsessed with Bubble Guppies. Now, it seems like they can't go a day without watching Stella and Sam or Sarah & Duck. They also like Jungle Bunch and PJ Masks.

What channel is that?

My daughter is 2.5 and Nick Jr. is on all day:
Blaze (is AJ and Gabby the only 2 humans in all the land?)
Paw Patrol
Bubble Guppies
Shimmer and Shine (although season 2 with the CGI looking animation sucks)
Peppa Pig

and now she even watches that Mutt and Stuff show

Best: Backyardigans

Disco Dracula -
Mr Poopy Butthole - Bruh cayou is a piece of shit.
No joke, for a longest time I thought caillou had cancer... But yeah, don't care for the show...
I'm with you guys on Caillou (whatever spelling). That show blows. Forgot to list it.

Another good one I forgot to mention is Fireman Sam. My wife found it on demand. I think it's a British show, but it's bearable and my 4 year old was all about it for a while.

Clarence is the fucking best!!!

for young kids (1-3?), the british: Peppa Pig

Find it Online.



Boobah is the worst

PBS Kids and walk away.

There's an app, also.



Backyardigans, the song writing is top notch

The Fresh Beat Band , the new redhead (not orig) is hot 





Callou is the biggest pussy ass bitch crybaby whiner ever..

Dont let your kids watch that trash