Best writer in MMA

I have to say Crooklyn is the best writer of all MMA! Thank you Crooklyn for all you do!

Ben Fowlkes, but Crooklyn is awesome as well.

Gonna have to go with Luca Rajabi.

Ben is very good also. I would say she's one and Ben is two.

JimmersonzGlove - 

Gonna have to go with Luca Rajabi.

Hands down.

fowlkes is great

Ben Fowlkes hands down best writer in MMA.

You just can't side step that shit.

without having read piles upon piles of EVERYONES work,im going with fowlkes.

he has a really strong grasp of the language and a great sense of humor.

Ben Fowlkes & Crooklyn IMO too

No Jack Slack?

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Dallas Winston


Jack Slack




then the rest are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy down here.

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Five of the best writers can be found at

Dann Stupp, John Morgan, Steven Marrocco, Matt Erickson and Ben Fowlkes. We've just added Mike Bohn too.

Not since the 1992 Olympics, has there ever been a dream team like that.


Ryan Harkness

Ryan Harkness honorable mention


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Maggie hendricks lol Phone Post

Fowlkes, without a doubt.

But for sheer knowledge and experience I gotta go with Meltzer. Meltzer however has a tendency to rush his copy. But his love for MMA shines through - and NOBODY still writing today has covered UFC and MMA as long as Dave. He even judged some SEG UFC-events. Phone Post 3.0