Best X-mas present you ever got?

Until today the best gift I ever recieved for christmas was the Optimus Prime transformer I recieved from Santa when I was 9. I totally freaked out.

Back to present day: I took a week off when I went home on Dec. 3rd so I could fight in the OSWI and visit my family. Unfortunetly, the time off work and the cost of plane tickets made a christmas back home in Ontario immpossible (I'm a poor mofo). Today my boss asks me if my mom is upset that I won't be home for christmas. I tell him how she cried on 3 separate occassions while I was home because this will be the 1st year I miss christmas with the family. He nods his head and smiles then hands me a freakin plane ticket to Toronto!! I told my mom and she was out of control. My dad had to take her down with a taser (kidding).

Its gonna be a good time in Ontario! I'll be in touch with my Joslin hommies so that I can get some training in after x-mas.

That is awesome Rowan !!! Enjoy your time with your family. And kiss your bosses wife the next time you see her.


Sweet! You got a cool boss!

Not Lettuce, give me a call when you hit town!

Merry Christmas!!

Thats great man e-mail me would ya Greg

I got my Gift this year already from my wife.... a fishing harter in South Florida and Tickets to the AFC in LAuderdale

Nice! Looks like someone's been putting in some "overtime".

Can you do me a favor when you're in Hamilton? Stop by the high school where the OSWI was held, and have a look around the gym. On the floor or maybe in the bleachers. I'm positve my ACL is there somewhere. Let me know... and merry Christmas!

Best xmas present ever would be a street hockey net when I was like 8. Even though I was asked to turn the christmas tree lights on and I smoked my head on the crossbar. Fell on my back and couldn't speak as I knocked the wind out of myself, but was SUPER pumped cause I saw the net on the way down and realized what I was getting!

I still have my Wife and she got out of the hospital today so she'll spend christmas with me at home.


That sounds better than any gift possible. And it's priceless

You got it dude.


Merry Christmas everyone!

Dougie's gift this year is what christmas is really about!

Anyways, my greatest gift was getting the Millenium Falcon , plus Han Solo and Chewbecca from my grandparents. I also got the Talking Knightrider car that year from my aunt.

Rowan that is great news I was pissed not seeing you befor you left, the hot tub is a 102 you will have to come over when your in town.

CanWrestler, you've got mail.

Kyle, please stop rubbing it in. I feel bad already!! And if you mean "overtime", as in giving head... well... i figure a shot in the mouth is worth a trip home.

wpfighter, great story about the hockey net, very funny stuff.

If anyone wants to know anything about mid-eighties toys and/or cartoons, Portuguese2002 is your man.

Dave, keep the hot-tub warm and I'll see if I can bring my girlfriend and her friend. They are both pretty juggy and look good in a two-piece... don't them I said that.

CANwrestler, you're greatly missed at the club.

gabora could you shoot me an email also

"If anyone wants to know anything about mid-eighties toys and/or cartoons, Portuguese2002 is your man."

Thanks for the kind words Row, it made my mullet tingle.

PS - Cyndi Lauper is and always will be my queen!

vid of rowan's mom being taken down by a taser:

she sure is a handsome woman! merry christmas.