Bet $100 Ogawa is in the finals?

Since there are a lot of you Ogawa haters out there saying he is going to not be in the final four, i will bet you $100 dollars he is.

The deal will be made through Kirik.

Deal is good for today and the first person who is serious and willing to go through kirik.

And to clarify, the bet is in the final four, not in the finals. the thread title was not long enough to place that in

Just like Yoshida, he will have his first shoot in the tournament in the semifinals and, like Yoshida, he'll lose.

It's all part of the japanese work, don't you see? I'm still new to the whole thing but I'm sure someone like IronLung can clear up the confusion but here it goes...

Sakuraba is the #1 japanese hero in MMA. He has some losses under his belt so he needs his stock risen to build major fights for his "road to retirement". To do this, he needs to pull off a miraculous victory over a top ranked fighter. Kevin Randleman. Kevin agrees to the work and in return gets a guaranteed spot in the HW Tournament and a pass into the semi-finals. CroCop agrees to a work and is compensated through pay and a return to the tournament after the japanese king of works, Ogawa, drops out in the finals.