Bet on Gus by Decision at +1200

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Brool story co.

An ENTIRE $20?


i had to : (


Matt Mitrione totally fucked my parlays. I would have had 400 to play with if he won, I would have put half of that on Gus by Decision and the other half on Jones by Decision. I knew this fight wasn't going the distance.



Ah, so close man. :) 

that sucks, i thought gus won

Rambo John J -

I lost a fair amount on that shafting.

Had Gus winning to finish 3 parlays.

That's when you hedge your bets and throw some cash on Bones because regardless of if your parlays hit or Jones wins, you'd get paid.

Although the odds were so bad straight betting it might end up just zeroing you out. Phone Post

Sucks dude. I had a 1 dollar parlay bringing me 500$ when stipe lost to struve.. His losing fucked my parlay. :/ Phone Post 3.0