First of all, this fight being on Fox is GREAT. This is probably one of the most important heavyweight fights of all time, between who are inarguably the two best heavyweights at the moment. I have no doubt we will be watching a Cain vs. JDS triology, all of which will be awesome and historic....and this fight is the first of them.

That being said. I think overall, Cain will be the victor at the end of the trilogy, but it certainly could go either way....its basically impossible to know for certain.

But for THIS FIGHT, Cain has a big disadvantage that will make the difference in this battle between these two evenly matched warriors. The fact that he hasn't been in the ring in such a long time will be what loses him this fight. Under normal circumstances, this fight is a coin flip. But JDS has momentum and will have zero ring rust going into the match. Cain will be going into the biggest fight of his career totally cold. I suspect the odds will be even for this pick JDS.

I truly believe Junior Dos Santos is the choosen one!

MentaL -  Always bet on the grappler. Cain by GNP.

Normally i would agree with you. But this time the grappler is fighting the toughest test of his career after a year-long layoff and having recovered from a torn rotater cuff.

Smart money on JDS.