Bet you forgot about this Shawn Michaels classic.

I remember watching this live and loving every minute of it, because NOBODY expected it to be as great as it was.  Don't remember the exact date, maybe circa '05.  Probably Shelton's greatest WWE moment, and a perfect example of what he could be when put together with the right guy.

AWESOME match.


has this been on a dvd? it really REALLY should be. great match.

What makes it great is that it was so unexpected, too.

There was no build up, no feud, no promos.....just a great, straight up one-shot match with some incredible psychology and athleticism.

Shelton jumping clear to the top rope, flying off, turning in mid-air, and hitting a precision lariat was a thing of pure athletic beauty.

I dare you to find me a better in-ring seller than Michaels.

Just watched it again. The build up was awesome. The fans first thought it was going to be a regular match and weren't really that into it. About 1/2 way through, they realized they were watching something special, and reacted accordingly.

I remember when I originally watched it, I thought he killed Shelton with that super kick. Fucking awesome.

 best match ever on raw. This maybe just one match that shawn got out performed by another wrestler. Shawn was great in this match but shelton was in another level and at his best. How a guy that good never be champion.

 BTW if you're going to put part 1 in then at least put up part 2!

one of the best matches ever on RAW!

 Lets just looks some new articles shall we:

Before Wrestlemania 24

"WWE has developed cold feet (once again) towards the push of Shelton Benjamin."

"Before leaving the WWE creative team for developmental, Dusty Rhodes asked that Shelton Benjamin move to ECW, and groomed him to become a champion. Of course, once Rhodes left, Benjamin was buried."

"There is currently a lot of pressure on Shelton Benjamin to step up and take advantage of his current WWE push. Benjamin has some heat with management for being a little too complacent. Benjamin is said to be very comfortable with his mid-card role after already having made more money than he ever though he would. Management feels he could be a strong upper-card player if he aspires to do so, and have been impressed by his matches in recent weeks. "

Shelton needs a manager. He and Haas were over great with Angle working the mic for them. Wrestling needs managers back.

^^^True. Paul Heyman was a great manager as well.

I don't get what they mean by "he needs to STEP UP and TAKE ADVANTAGE of his current push".

Wrestling isn't real.  It's not like in say, the NBA, where a coach or a team owner can come out and say "this guy needs to step up and take advantage of the playing time we're giving him".  Everything Benjamin does from start to finish (intros, promos, matches, everything) is planned by the writers and booking committee.  In what capacity, exactly, does he need to STEP UP in?

Shelton Benjamin's not getting over is 1% shit luck, 1% his own, and 98% the bookers' fault.

If they want people to react to him, they have to give them a reason to do so.

Take Sheamus for example.  Would anyone on here say he's more talented than Benjamin?  Would anyone on here say he's really that talented at all?  It doesn't really matter, does it?  He's over and wrestling in the top card because that's what he's being booked to do.

^get outta here with that bullshit

Zamiel - 
ArtWanderlei -  I love his match with Hogan at Summerslam just because it is so funny.

Does he do a lot of that thing where he stumbles around like he's drunk?

He ridiculously oversold everything, but working hard while doing so. Things like: Hogan hits HBK with the big boot, then HBK hit the mat hard, gets back up, and (by himself) hits the mat again!

There was a reason for that. it was because of hogan's ego.


Beezulbubba - There was a reason for that. it was because of hogan's ego.

Yes, and even though HBK "lost" he "won" with the promo he cut on hogan the day after on RAW- talking about how "agile" hogan was in the match, how "quickly" he moved, etc. it was almost liked a "worked shoot"; everyone in the audience knew exactly what he was talking about.