Bethe:Rousey turned her back after I beat Duke

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Bethe Correia says that she went on to greet Jessamyn's corner after the result was announced, but Rousey not only ignored her, but turned her back to her.

"- Percebi a reação negativa dela após o resultado ser anunciado. Apertei a mão de Jessamyn e de todo o seu córner após a luta. Quando fui em direção a Ronda, ela me virou as costas e deixou o octógono. Cumprimentei toda a equipe, menos ela, porque ela virou as costas para mim. Mas isso pouco me importa. Ronda pode me amar ou me odiar que isso não vai afetar a minha vida. Prefiro me preocupar com gente que é educada. Tudo bem se ela não gostar de mim. Eu não gosto dela também. Não preciso da amizade dela para ser uma lutadora de elite - disse Bethe ao site "MMA Fighting"".


"I noticed her negative reaction right after the outcome was announced. I shook hands with Jessamyn and everyone in her corner after the fight. Once I moved in to Ronda's direction, she turned her back to me and left the Octagon. I greeted everyone, except for her, because she turned her back to me. But this doesn't matter. Ronda can love or hate me that it won't affect my life. I'd rather be concerned about people who I consider polite.  It's fine if she doesn't like me. I don't like her either. I don't need her friendship to be an elite fighter" -- said Bethe to MMAFighting.


Okay, here is a better article:

After Correia (8-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC) beat Duke (3-1 MMA, 1-1 UFC), she said she went toward Duke’s corners to shake their hands – including Duke roommate Ronda Rousey, the UFC’s women’s bantamweight champion and de facto leader of a newly formed crew calling itself “The Four Horsewomen.”


But when she approached Rousey, she says she got far from a warm response.

“I did notice Ronda’s negative reaction,” Correia told MMAjunkie. “I went to shake hands with Jessamyn and her corner after the fight. When I walked toward Ronda, she turned her back to me and exited the cage. I complimented all her crew except for her (because she) turned her back.

“But it doesn’t matter. Ronda can love me or hate me; it doesn’t affect my life. I only care to spend time with people who have good manners.”

Correia also made her intentions known with a gesture of her own after the win. She held up four fingers, then dropped one to indicate she had taken out one of “The Four Horsewomen.”

The Brazilian believes the path in front of her is clear going forward, though. She says she’ll pick off anyone the UFC gives her, and if that’s more in Rousey’s crew, so be it.

“Jessamyn is one of ‘The Four Horsewomen.’ I defeated her, and I did that in case I face any of the others, whom I’ll also defeat,” Correia said. “I’ll fight anyone. The UFC has a full roster of women in my weight class. I’ll just wait for the phone to ring. I hope it’s soon, so I can keep my training rhythm.”

And it’s all on the way to what she hopes is an eventual title shot, potentially against the thus-far dominant champ in Rousey.

Correia already believes Rousey isn’t a big fan of hers. The early part of their potential history with each other was written when Correia beat Duke.

“I’m in the UFC and I see myself fighting for the belt eventually,” she said. “I expect to arrive there little by little.

“It’s OK if she doesn’t like me, because I don’t like her either. I don’t need her friendship to become a top fighter. I’ve provoked Ronda by taking out the first of four. Whoever comes next, I’ll be ready for her.”


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Who gives a shit. Ronda takes her shit serious, it's what fuels her. So it is what it is. She isn't paid to be all nice nice, she is paid to break bones. So quit yer bitchin imo.

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IIRC, Bethe was doing the whole shaking hands thing moving away from Ronda and tried to double back to shake hands with the champ, but by that time Ronda was already on her way out of the Octagon. Ronda didn't make eye contact with her and turn away. She didn't even notice Bethe had doubled-back.

I think she just trying to hype her way into a title shot. Nothing wrong with that either. Phone Post 3.0

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ronda is next level competitivism..starting the mind games 2-3 fights before they even potentially meet

She didn't look all that impressive against the worst of the foursome. Give her Bazler and see how she does.