Bets for Bellator this weekend.

Im betting on marlon sandro pretty heavy

Im betting thath Falcao shlemenko fight ends inside the distance

Im also betting on falcao not because I think hes truly going to win though he may but hes +275 right now lol. WTF

Shlemenkos weakness is defenitely his wrestling/bjj not to say hes bad by any means but falcao is a grappler with heavy hands and reasonable wrestling and a decent chin. I think shlemenko kos him late but at +275 bet on this guy to catch alex or sit on him. Im a huge shlemenko fan but I also like making bank off of weird odds. But I could be wrong so post yours guys..

double post


Alexander with the late KO after Falcao tires, Shlemenko won't break

liquidrob - Alexander with the late KO after Falcao tires, Shlemenko won't break

Ya I agree. On the off chance that shlemwnko tires and losses a boring decision I put a parlay on falcao and sandro Phone Post

T Phone Post

Ben Folds - don't really know anything about the fighters on the card except Shlemenko, Falcao, and Sandro. there's some big underdogs though. is there any value on any of them?

On prelims idk on the main card they are all worth a try. One guy is +400 and genair is +200 Phone Post

Genair "Junior PQD" da Silva 160
Marlon "The Gladiator" Sandro -400
Maiquel "Big Rig" Falcao 250
Fabricio Guerreiro -230
Mitch Jackson 230

Risk $10 to take $528.58

This morning when I woke up I was "meh" about this card. But then I looked at the odds on some of these fights and some of the records of the guys in the 145 tourney... geez... this is a great card, looking forward to an exciting night of fights.

Popo Bezerra vs Genair da Silva looks great... da Silva has a recent win over Rony Jason, both of these guys were split decisioned by Sandro, I think that says a lot about the calibre of these guys.

Jackson vs Richman is interesting too, two fighters I didn't even know existed until this morning. 13-2 w/ one decision, 19-2 with 5 decisions.

Guerreiro, 17-1 w/ one decision.

A better bet is which fights will be boring. My bet: none.

caseharts: I see the Falcao-Schlemenko fight pretty much the same way. I think Falcao has been holding back in his last few fights, trying to get some safe wins. It's a title fight tonight, fingers crossed that he comes out of his shell a bit and goes for the win. If he brings it, I think he wins. If he plays it safe, Schlemenko takes him into deep water and finishes him late.