Just got this and thought I pass it on ...........

Note also that high ratings have caused BET to move Iron Ring up to 10:30 so it now follows their #1 show College Hill on Tuesday nights.

Usually networks move shows directly behind their most popular in an effort to boost sagging ratings. I care about Iron Ring so little that I won't even look into what kind of rating it got.

It's never a good sign when they don't tell you what the rating is...

i'm undecided if i want to waste anymore time watching it b/c the first two episodes sucked so much.

It needs Subtitles IMO

Yeeah Yeeah yeeah ,booooyyyyyy....I mean dawg, that shizzle iz for rizzle my nizzle.

actually it was a hit. Alot of people tuned in. its all I hear on the radio stations now. I even listen to other cities stations online. Everyone is talking about Iron Ring. The Rapper Celebs brough alot of attention on this show.

Cant wait for this weeks show

The show is just plain CRAP!

like tuf

I think it's a gold mine. What more could you possibly ask for? A bunch of cheezy retard's and fight's, I've already set my DVR to record the season.

that show is just another way to bring mma down...and wtf is wes sims doin there...can he not get a fight anywhere else?....they arent looking for talent they r looking for street fighters

Mayweather's akas alone took up 15 minutes of air time.

BZGrappla is to Iron RIng as Sports Combat JJ is to Manny Reyes Jr.

what are the actual review numbers?

"that's a submission, i made it famous, kill the head and the body will follow"

All great stuff to yell at local mma shows and act like TI with your entourage!




Puteminatriangle!!!! said while guy is in half guard

LOL, just came back fromt he site, didn't see wes sims name on a team, but could have sworn he was on the second show?


team luda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (wes)