Bets on 2nights fights

Does anyone on here bet through Olympic sportsbook ??? If so , are there normally low limits on the UFC fights ??? I just called to open an account and they told me the most I could bet on Franklin is like $640 to win $300 .... Thats terrible if that is the case ...Why would they have such low limits if they are such a big book ??

I don't think Olympic has carried any/many MMA events for the past year or so - at least not on their website.

I would recommend (easiest to transfer money), (supports the sport) or Pinnacle (lowest vig, best odds). ( is also alright - sometimes they post crazy odds that you can take advantage of before they shift.

I think Pinnacle might have the highest limits, but you could prob get high limits if you called BetOddessa and got an ok from Joey Oddessa.

Thanx,,MVP has is who I usually go through but they dont have favorable odds on the fights I like 2nite