Better Athlete: Couture or SINGH

Apparently MSNBC has an article entitled: "Singh is world's best athlete ever — over 40"... What do you think?  Couture or the pro golfer Singh? 

Edited, b/c the initial post was edited. Originally it said simply "f", so I replied simply "u"


What a joke.

Golf SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what would provoke them to call him the best athlete over 40 if hes NEVER performed in any athletic performance other than golf?

doesn't seem accurate to me unless the guy is known for competing in triathlons.


couture by destructive rape

With all due respect to pro golfers, this is a joke.

You can not compare the athleticism of Randy Couture to golfers. You could even make the arguement that golf is more of a game than a sport. But that is the main stream sports media for you. If it's not golf, football, baseball, or basketball, it doesn't count.

Isn't Lance Armstrong 40? I may be wrong but it would definitely be between Couture and Armstrong.

For all-around athleticism, Couture wins vs. Lance
IMO. As far as specialization and succes in their
sport, Lance wins.

Golf isn't an athletic competition. It's a game of
physical skill.

I was struck by how ridiculous the article was.  Not only did they list Singh as the world's best 40+ athlete, but as the best 40+ athlete EVER!!!

I don't want to trivialize the hard work that golfers put in, but I wouldn't put golf at the top of the list of sports when you rank them in terms of athleticism.  On top of that, there are many 40+ athletes out there today (several in MMA) that I would consider to be more athletic than any pro golfer.  To stretch it even further to the "best ever" is pretty humorous!

Not a fair comparison, not trying to disrespect Golf, a sports a sport, however, Golf is the type of sport that the avg particpant can be just as successful at at age 40 as at age 30 if not more successful because of experience without the body having taken this huge beating.

Has he accomplisehd more than Couture over the age of 40? Sure. Is it as impressive given the nature of each sport? Absolutely not.

I wonder who the best gymnast over 60 is?

I'll just go ahead and say's not a sport. It's in the same category as bowling. It takes skill and technique but that's about it. Very little athleticisim involved.

"Golf requires goofy pants and fat ass."

kkm now works for MSNBC i see...

Seeing how Vijay has flubbed two tournaments, two weeks in a row, I don't think he's that great. :)

Barry Bonds is another athlete over 40. How would you compare Randy to him?

Barry is near the top or at the top of quite a few all-time baseball records.

I have heard it said that hitting a major league pitch is the most difficult task in all of sports.

Just wondering if you all would consider baseball an athletic sport, or is it just a skills game like golf?

LOL at people thinking golfers aren't athletes. You try walking 18---that's right, EIGHTEEN---holes, over pretty uneven terrain, facing winds up to 11 miles an hour, swinging a club as hard as you possibly can, then switching up to as soft as you possibly can, not to mention the risk of a broken ankle from hiking down a 20 degree grade in a sand trap. I'm surprised they don't wear helmets---ever been hit by a golf ball? Not too fun. My buddy in the Marines thought the shit he went through was tough until he went a few rounds at Lakeridge Golf Course. He cried like a baby after a couple of holes, sobbing about what a bullshit act his whole tough guy image had been. We had our caddie cart him off the course.

C'mon. Nicklaus won the Masters at age 46 I believe, in 1985. Age is not nearly as relevant in golf as it is in MMA. Randy's achievement at age 40 is much more impressive than Singh's achievement at age 40, though I am an avid golfer too and recognize that Singh, being th #1 golfer in the world, deserve tons of acclaim. But it's not because of amazing feats at an advanced age. That is plain foolish.

Golf gets coverage in the sports section of the newspaper and during newscasts, so technically it IS a sport. Just not a very athletic one.

How about Michael McDonald of K-1? The guy is 40 and he doesn't look a day over 25. Plus he is still performing at a phenominal level including his last tourny where he went 3-0 in an 8 man tournament in ONE night?