Better BBQ, Texas or Kansas?

I've lived in both and I have to give a slight edge to Kansas.

What do you think?

Fuck it, I'll say Texas because I live here. Whatever.

Absurd thread.

if you like beef brisket there's no doubt it's TX.

Jack's Stack beef ribs?

Jack Stack is a legend!

I have never lived in either. I have visited North Carolina.

I love vinegar based sauce, so, North Carolina.

cruedi - if you like beef brisket there's no doubt it's TX.
This is exactly right. Franklin's here in ATX is bonafide next level shit

No idea, actually curious though.

I like it all

Pig in pig out or go fuck your mother

Kansas if you like BBQ sauce. 


Texas if you like real BBQ. 

Kansas city has a long tradition of being a "meat city."

That said it's central location in the country, it's kind of a melting pot of all the different BBQ varieties. Texas is known for its brisket. Memphis for its ribs. The Carolinas for its pulled pork.

Kansas city may not have the "best" of any single thing, but you can find exceptional anything...if that makes sense.

That said, Jack Stack's Crown prime rib may be the best meat I've ever put in my mouth (beep).

Barry Soetoro Jr - Jack Stack is a legend!

Catering my wedding.



As said above... Pig in Pig out!!!



Jack Stack


Three of the best BBQ spots in the country all in KC. Love it.

Tempe AZ @ little miss bbq is one of the best in the country!

Central coast california or fuck your mother

The best Texas style I've had was at in Nashville, at Judge Bean's. The best Kansas was Okie Joe's. The waitresses were hotter at Judge Bean's. 

Spider Rico -

Central coast california or fuck your mother

Yep came to say Santa Maria Style FTW 

Texas is very one note, if you like beef, a lot of salt, and little will like Texas BBQ. I like pork, some depth in flavor with spices and rubs, and a gentle bit of sauce...So I prefer Southern BBQ. Carolina or Memphis.