Better Call Saul Season 6

So they can promote so and so as an “Emmy nominated actor!!”

I killed it in one day, it was great

Yet they were never affectionate to each other. He was madly in love with her, to me she was with him because everyone said not to be and them she was wet from the excitement of pulling scams. She even said as much. At least that’s my interpretation

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It’s New Mexico, not the O-block South Chicago

Yeah, it was strange… They said I love you maybe a few times, fucked but didn’t really seem close really…

Still an amazing finale

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That and with the number of streaming services there’s shitloads of content compared to the old days.

For the Rings of Power, it’s Middle Earth - not Detroit. But that didn’t stop Amazon from going woke.

I didn’t know Kim is the star of Vince Gilligan’s new show!
And that’s a serious budget they’re going for, going into sci-fi/fantasy territory. Wonder what it is.