Better Call Saul Season 6

I think Jimmy is a wild card and thats why he didnt go to him first.

Breaking Bad was more consistent. First couple of seasons of Better Call Saul are relatively weak.

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He didn’t go to Jimmy first because he would freak the fuck out. He approached Kim because although she would be fearful, she would understand the necessity of staying put, allowing Mike to locate Lalo upon his return.

When Lalo confronted Jimmy about what happened in the desert, Mike watched him nearly piss his pants in between stutters while trying to explain himself. It was Kim, a civilian, who got in Lalo’s face and flipped the script, removing the heat.

That’s why he says she’s made of “sturdier stuff.”


Thanks. I need to rewatch the episodes. Completely forgot that for some reason.

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I disagree but don’t want to duel to the death about it. Lol.

So tonight is the mid-season finale, yes?

I take it you have not received a screener, @BonedByPicograms ?

Correct. We haven’t received any in advance Besides the first two. Which is odd and different then previous seasons.

But it’s cool. They don’t owe us that so, meh.



IMO the reason saul and kim didn’t make a big deal of Howard realizing it was Saul fucking with him is…

They wanted him to know, that was part of the plan

Kim says “because you know what comes next”

I wonder if tonight will be the end of the Kim/Howard arc. They have to start merging into the BB timeline, and then I assume they are going to resolve the Gene story arc as well in the last episodes.

Watching Ep 5 of this season

Hamlinz leg was jittery in the old folks home
Missed that on first watch

Is this dude on coke or something?

Lol, not likely, probably just wound tight about something or other, since Saul is trying to frame Howard as a cokehead. The point of that was almost certainly to highlight Howard behaving in a manner that played into the seeds that Saul planted in the head of Cliff Maine through his hijinks, as opposed to a hint that Saul is framing a “guilty” man.

Tonight’s episode was a snoozer


Very interesting episode, but it wasn’t the mid-season finale @bonedbypicograms !

Shit’s really gonna jump off next week. And remember, while I and others don’t like Saul dragging Kim into Slippin’ Jimmy land, she’s the one who pushed going forward with the Howard plan after Saul indicated he was more inclined to leave things lie. And now she’s making a huge career sacrifice to recklessly push ahead as even Saul is calling for tactical retreat.

It’s not so much that he made her this way, as that he awakened something in her when they did that first grift years ago. I’d been planning to make that point. …and as we learned tonight, that was in fact more of a reawakening. If it wasn’t for Saul, the temptation would’ve been bound to strike and take hold of her eventually in her line of work, imho.

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I did catch that Kim noticed the Vacuum guys business card at the vet…:thinking:


I thought she might have stolen it actually.

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Quite honestly it’s been one gigantic snoozefest since the Nacho Varga episode.


The howard storyline is only slightly more interesting than the brother storyline.

Wonder if Hamlin is going to have a bad reaction to the drug that they’re going to give him? PI catches evidence? Kim uses vacuum guy, prison or suicides?

That would be an interesting way to gtho with it. And then Kim goes on the run but Saul somehow escapes both criminal conviction and getting disbarred? Though I feel like it’s going to be something that will snag Kim and not Saul in a way that’s easier for him to avoid liability.

I’ve only seen through season 5 but I gotsta know what happens to Kim, Nacho, and Lalo.


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