Better career Adam Wainwright or Jacob DeGrom

And does Wainwright get HOF looks if he gets to 200 Wins

Jake Degrom my being the most dominant pitcher in baseball over last 5 years. Adam, while great, I don’t think would ever be considered the best in the game over even a 2 year stretch.

It’s a long shot. I’m the biggest fan of Adam. But those two years he was injured really hurt his chances. His career ERA of 3.35 is lower than a ton of pitchers that are in the hall.

He will finish with 200 wins and 2100+ ks.

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Degrom appears to be on a Koufax type trajectory with a short but dominant career.

Wainwright is in a category with guys like Pierce or Tiant and others. Neither in the HOF.

Cardinals traded that retard JD Drew for Waino.

The problem is DeGrom only has 77 career wins and is 33. He will not even come close to 150 career wins

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From 2009-2014

Wainwright had 92 wins, averaging 2.86 ERA, 4 top 3 CYA w/ 2 runner up CYA… If Clayton Kershaw wasn’t in the National League Adam Wainwright would most likely be a two time CYA winner and his chances at the HOF would be a lot better.

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BTW, the people that talk about DeGrom lack of run support do not know what they are talking about

Adam suffered a torn Achilles hitting in the NL. He was out for an entire season. Another reason I’m all for the NL DH. Too many pitchers getting injured running the bases or at the plate.

That may be a problem with HOF voters but doesn’t change that he has had a more dominant peak and Waino has had a longer steady career.

We’ll see how their careers finish up, but they’re both great for different reasons even if neither gets in the Hall.

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Adam and Yadi will definitely be in the HOF for passing the all time batterymates … He would need two more stellar years for me to be inducted for his pitching. But like I said you take away those two years where he was injured and he has a very good shot.

But I mean hey we never thought that Ted Simmons and Larry Walker we’re going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame either did we?

Simmons was long long overdue. I do not think Walker deserves it. He was a product of Coors

Yeah, the ‘big Hall’ voters are winning.

IMO the Hall has twice as many members as it should.

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The fact that I don’t follow baseball that closely is the only reason I’m not calling bullshit on you. But please enlighten us lol.

Wainwright has a better winning % than:


Chris Carpenter seems like he is all but forgotten, but that 1-2 of him and Waino made for quick work through a lot of playoff series.

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Wins should be very low on the list of hof requirements these days.

The most amazing thing about Degrom is how he’s increased velocity as he’s gotten older. He was a guy throwing low to mid 90s until about 6 years ago. And over that 6 years has only gotten better. He’s throwing harder now than anytime in his career. It’s crazy.

I respectfully disagree I believe that innings pitched and wins are the most important statistic for a pitcher. If you got a guy like Bob Gibson that comes in and throws a complete game every time and has 25 wins well every time that he went out there the team won… who cares if a pitcher can have a 1.80 ERA but only pitches 150 innings. He can’t get out of the 6th inning and his team loses? and he’s only responsible for 10 wins for his team?