Better for shooters Xbox or PS2

Not looking for argument. A friend is asking me which to get if his sole desire is to play "shooters" I assume thats FPS but to be safe could someone tell me which has/will have the best fps and which the best light gun games. Thanks.

Anyone seen the keyboard and mouse adapter for the Xbox? I guess, if I was that into it, I'd try it out, but then again, the comfort of the pad is quite difficult to replace w/hovering/resting my arms on a desk.

Anyway. If your totally into the keyboard and mouse, get the adapter and use that. I'm sure it'd give you a slight edge in the shooter games. I was thinking about trying it, as I was quite good in UT w/the comp.


"Shooter" does NOT = FPS.
Shooters are side or vertical scrolling shooting games with ships and powerups.

Youre right, excuse me. appologizes to Gradius

Thanks for the tips.

if it's not just fps then socom II owns anything xbox has put out

Memnock is correct.


One of my favorites was Mars Matrix