Better in the Old Days

Why am i wasting memory capacity in remembering those games and their names.

Didn't work the first time, so lets try again.

No offense, but all young people are scum, on account of them not playing any of the above games.


Dude, I'm 38, played Space Invaders in arcades when it first came out, and have been a video game junkie ever since - and I have never even HEARD of half of those games. Yeah, there are a few serious classics in there, but a fuckton of obscure ones, too.....

I think they're all British computer games? And by computer games I mean personal computers, not consoles, since I think in England "computer games" means all video games even if you're talking about a Game Boy.

Still, I don't know why they would show "Dyna Blaster" instead of Bomberman. I think that was one official title in the series, and I know the original was released in Europe as Eric and the Floaters. The series was always called Bomberman in the U.S. AFAIK except for once when they changed it to Atomic Punk.

Uhhhhhh... didn't they have Amigas in America?

It's crazy how I could name around 90% of those games without looking at the caption after all these years.

The soundtrack was Last Ninja, IK+ and Commando, which were all C64 tunes, incidently...

Squatdog - Uhhhhhh... didn't they have Amigas in America?

 I've asked this before and it seems they weren't so big

I remembered most of those games from growing up in the UK with an Amiga

Monkey Island - Played it on PC, this and LOOM were the first CD-ROM games I had

Lemmings - This game was huge in the U.S., they passed out free demos on floppy discs so everybody had it

The Settlers - There was a lot of hype for the recent DS release of this game

Sensible World of Soccer '96/97 - Neo Geo? This game is available for download on the Wii, but I don't remember what console it was from.

Dune - probably available for PC, it looks cool

Sim City - PC and SNES

Turrican - Sega Genesis?

Maniac Mansion - a PC game, also released on NES with crappy graphics but full gameplay. You can also play it in Day of the Tentacle by accessing the computer in that dude's room upstairs, it's the full original game. But there's no way to exit back to your Day of the Tentacle game so save before you start it up.

Loom - HOLY SHIT THIS GAME HAS REAL PEOPLE TALKING! We were amazed. If you put the CD-ROM into a regular CD player, all the audio and dialogue would play back-to-back as a single track

Double Dragon 3 - I didn't know there was a Double Dragon 3, but I beat the original in the arcade once with lots of quarters. Also you can play the Master System version on a Game Gear, and with the adaptor you can plug in a Master System controller to the Game Gear and play 2-player on one tiny screen.

Populous - I've heard of it for PC, but never played it

Bubble Bobble - arcade

Defender of the Crown was awesome on NES, but of course the Amiga version has the best graphics of any platform

Prince of Persia - another popular free floppy disc demo

James Pond Robocod - I have it for the Amiga CD32, but it's also been released for Nintendo DS

Dyna Blaster - This is another name for Bomberman. I'm not sure if I have a Dyna Blaster title in my Bomberman collection, maybe a Japanese Famicom cartridge? I have Bomberman on every platform I could find it on, but maybe the Amiga version would play on my CD32. The console is NTSC, but all the games are from England - the Amiga games usually work fine, but the CDTV and CD32 games have problems since they're PAL format. Sometimes the bottom of the screen is cut off, sometimes the whole thing is in black-and-white. Of course I can boot to setup and change the output to PAL by plugging in a mouse to the second controller slot and holding down the button when I boot, but I don't have a PAL television. I've been meaning to get a PAL-to-NTSC converter anyway.

All of the games featured are form the Amiga.

stryder was a bad ass game.

Squatdog - All of the games featured are form the Amiga.

I know, I was just listing the ones that were well-known in the U.S. on other platforms

Syndicate & Eye of the Beholder were great games. A lot of good games in that video mixed in with crap though.