Better overall career: Chris Weidman or Luke Rockhold?

Who’s had the better career, The Chris (still my boy)

Including everything from scholastic wrestling, BJJ, MMA, bare knuckle etc.


Which guy is the more accomplished competitor in combat sports?

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No UFC title defenses
No wrestling pedigree
Strikeforce champion yes, but that makes him pass Weidman as a combat athlete?


Never liked Weidman and Rockhold is way hotter


Weidman. Two wins over one of the GOATS, defended the UFC belt 3 times. Interestingly enough, neither of these guys have a ton of fights. Both of them have 22 after competing for 15+ years.

Injuries are a motherfucker.


^ This!

We also share bdays, so he’s still my boy!

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Weidman had the better career but a healthy prime Rockhold was the better fighter.


That’s my boy!


Ok then Weidman. I chose rockhold because his MMA career was a little longer and I think he’s the more exciting fighter. Weidman shot up, won the title, and struggled the rest of the way. I would put them neck and neck but it doesn’t really matter.

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Rockhold. Beat more people in their prime, smashed Weidman, and didn’t fall off quite as hard.


I’d say Rockhold fell off just as hard. Now he’s getting TKOed by Mike Perry, of all people, in BKFC.

Rockhold does have the victory over Weidman himself, but Weidman has the “legacy-defining” fights over Anderson Silva so I think he will be remembered more in a decade or two from now.

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Yeah but hands were the weakest part of Rockhold’s game so he just had no business in there. He would probably still beat someone like Tavares in MMA. Probably.

And yeah I agree Weidman will be more remembered.

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Yes because Strikeforce was fucking wild and had the best 185ers overall at one point. He beat a younger and better version of the guy that demolished weidman for the Strikeforce title as well.

Rockhold has wins over Jacare, Jardine, Kennedy, Bisping, Machida, Branch and Weidman himself.

He beat Machida way worse than Weidman did but did get demolished by Vitor, however that wasn’t even close to the same super dumbed down version of Vitor that Weidman fought

Weidman has early Hall, Maia, Andy, Machida, ghost of Vitor and Gastelum who almost KO’d him.

Both fell off HARD. Both tried to go up to 205 after doing horribly for years and had bad results. Both got kilt by Romero.

Rockhold excelled in two different major 185 leagues. Weidman’s two biggest wins were extremely strange and then he had a loss in a similar fashion.

Rockhold overall, but their downward run keeps on going with Rockhold losing to Mike Perry of all people and Weidman losing to Tavares (also of all people) this year.



Crazy that those two fight each other to the death 6 or 7 years ago and now one is getting his teeth knocked out by a c level 170er and the other is breaking his leg like Andy and losing to c level 185er.

I vote for the Chris