Better Overhand Right-

Igor V. Or Liddell? I say Igor.




"Igor is Ukranian not russian :P"

why who said he was Russian?

ufc should sign igor

^ Yes, they should. Even before this socalled coming demise of Pride, after getting Anderson, Igor V, on top of CC, would just make f'in sense. And all 3 bring the foreign flavour with them (and like to hit people).

Btw, Chuck has hit guys with his OHR and made them go down a lot more and against better guys than Igor has, and I love Igor.

EriktheRed, did u flunk grade 8 history? I didnt say Russian, I said Soviet which Ukraine was a part of :-p

by the time igor fought back at his own weight he was shot. igor was koing heavies when chuck was still working the ranks in ufc

Chuck also throws a weird left straight as he back peddles (it's what caught Tito in the eye) that has caught a few guys. Chuck is dangerous on his feet, no doubt, but for pure striking Igor is right up there with Cro-Cop, too bad he retired.