better ref HAWK or GAZZY??

i think hawk did a great job reffing... im suprised gazzy made it out of there alive.... after her not awarding about 10 points to a guy because he was was wrestling her teammate from jsect i thought it was gonna get ugly the entire crowd was booing...and i thought somebody was gonna rush the mat...

and fall victim to her hype-jitsu? NO ONE WOULD DARE!

lol i guess nobody else was at GQ besides me and mayhem!! maybe i was the only person who notices the ENTIRE crowd booing her.... that hypejitsu has about 2000 GQ supporters shook!!!

I have been to a tournament and watched gazzy ref. Can't say I am impressed at all. She is not only a bad ref but pretty butch an ass too. Suck because up untill I met her I heard she was pretty cool.

If a Brazilian BJJ blackbelt was competing, she surely would have made some biased calls for him.

hypejitsu is where u call out people online then duck them then get all the internet nerds who can get laid in real life to take ur side then say u woudla won anyway... now gazzy is a brown belt in hypejitsu she also has brown belt level ability to sleep with pretty much anybody of importance in jiu jitz to get them on her side to to add credibility to her case... the hype from internet nerds and horny bjj black belts is where the hype comes from... the jitsu part is from the fact that she uses this hype to make money in bjj by fighting lesser opponenents she knows she can beat(even though she loses sometimes) and ducking anybody of real the way this is the same chick that said she can beat ANY 175 lb and under MALE whire belt in the world then she got all the dorks and horny bjj guys on nhbgear to put up 1000 dollars for anybody to step up... then when i stepped up .. gazzy said she wont fight me unless i bring a G to fight her to... so i came back the next day with a thousand dollars and she decided not to respond to any threads for the next month... this was about 6 months ago and to this day whenever i see anybody that knows me they ask me whats up with u and gazzy.. whens the match taking place...