Better self-promoter: Lee or Phil?

Which one? Both bring the hype, love the limelight and get people
talking about them well in excess of their accomplishments on paper.


Might have to say Lee. Most people have seen him fight exactly one time, with a quick sub win, yet there have been a dozen threads on him, many of which have gone to 5 or 6 pages.

cut from the same cloth. unfortunatly, this type of stuff is eventually brought to the light. anyone remember alex steibling?


I would have to say Phil. For one thing, according to Lee he is worht 3 times as much to the UFC.
Also it is the UG that hyped Lee.
He is working it hard now and doing a good job of it, but he was pretty silent until he was already in the UFc.
Baroni on the other hand self-promoted himself through the UG and ended up in the UFC.
Baroni did it all himself.
I still hope Lee wins though.
Purely because I know how good Baroni is and I don't think he will ever go much above the level he is at.
Murray on the other hand is plowing through people and if he can do the same to Baroni then it will be time to bet excited.
If not, then he'll just be another pretender to the throne, Baroni will lose again to Lindland or anyone at that level and that will be it for Lee in the UFC.

Lee doesn't try to promote himself at all, he just makes himself out to be a badass. I think that's a bit different than 'promotion' in terms of marketability.

Baroni needs good and bad attention so he will do and say anything at least people are talking about him. I agree with RussT. Baroni isn't going to get any better at this point. We know what he can do.

Baroni, he's been doing it longer. But Murray is coming on strong