Better Shape = Better Fighter

All the skill in the world doesn't matter if you can't finish the fight early or fight into the later rounds. Conditioning isn't just as important as any other asset. Conditioning is the most important asset an athlete can have.

From my personal experience, I know a lot of Div. I and II wrestling all-americans who never pulled ahead in the first period. Started pulling away in the second and blew everybody out in the third. Their greatness wasn't due to overwhelming skill or fancy technique. It was due to solid technique combined with unstopable endurance.

BJ and BJJ fanboys take note.

strength and conditioning= cheating

-the ug

LOL, not cheating fool ! I didn't hear ANYONE say that BJ had better conditioning, just that he has the better skills and talent....which is 100% true. DUH !!

excellent point....conditioning is by FAR the greatest asset a fighter can have. Once you have built up your general fighting skills (boxing, subs, wrestling, etc.), you need to devote probably 75-90% of your training time to "combat conditioning" and hard-core cardio training....

Dan Gables greatness was not totally, but in large part due to his conditioning routine. He could perform much longer, and harder than his opponents. And they acknowleded this was the reason for his superiority.

LOL at BJ Penn being greater than Hughes.....BJ was gifted with good balance, timing, and vision. He doesn't seem to have the heart or the drive/desire to train like a champion. He just wants to win on his burst of speed, and talent in the first two rounds...This is not what champions are made of. Champions do ALL of the work necessary, not just part of it.

It's clear BJ wants to win the easy/fast way and take the short cut to the championship. It's just too bad so many people can't see the whole picture.

I think that what people mean when they say that BJ is a better fighter than Hughes is that his striking and grappling are better, since when most people talk about "fighting" they are talking precisely about those things.

I think that few would say that he is a better "competitor" or "Mixed Martial Arts combatant" than Matt Hughes.

Better shape = better fighter??

Ya think???

"Unfortunately people still believe in this KILLER style that makes you invinceable. The only thing that makes a man invinceable is TRAINING....You're either TRAINED, or UNTRAINED! Everyone else will get their ass kicked! There is no death touch once a left hook drops you!" - Former ISKA Champ

Ultraman - you are absolutely correct about Gable. His ability to put nonstop pressure on his opponenent without fear of gassing was his greatest asset. His wrestlers at Iowa showed great endurance as well.

I remember watching Iowa v. Nebraska sometime in the early 90's. All of the matches were close in the first and second period. For the most part, the Iowa wrestlers were still going wide open in the 3rd. Nebraska lost that match pretty bad. Every wrestler at Iowa was in amazing shape.

"I didn't hear ANYONE say that BJ had better conditioning, just that he has the better skills and talent....which is 100% true. DUH !! "

Too bad he is lacking in the all important attributes like cardio,strength,heart and desire.
You see someones character when you have to dig real deep unfortunaly Penn IMO doesnt seem to have it.