Better Themselves

What does everyone do each day to better themselves as a human being, emotinally, spirtually and physically?

I can't speak for the rest of the group (obviously), but I live by a few creedos: honesty, integrity and the desire to help those in need. Always focusing on that, I don't think, has allowed me to "better myself," but it has made living a whole lot easier and "real." A few random acts of kindness, treating people with respect and always imagining myself in someone else's shoes has given me the ability to think "outside of the box." Those slight life adjustments (most of which were made in 1995) has brought me to many different places, to meet many amazing people, to have those people as friends and make living worth living. A great teacher once passed along this saying: "you miss 100% of the shots that you don't take." Well, I take a good percentage of the shots now and they've paid off. On a final level: education. Always be a student of life. Read. Learn. Grow. Build.

Best of luck finding you own path!

Mitch Joel

I step 'outside the/(my) box' longer and longer each day . . . Perhaps one day , I will venture out far enough , and get lost *L*

Cheers , Var

Jay, kind of an elusive question and also very personal, so youll likely not get a lot of response, but not because its not an important question...

For me, I try to remember the line Sean Penn once said in an interview I read after he had his first child:

"I never want my child to look up at me and see a liar."

Blew me away. I think if you replace child with 'mirror', well...the rest is your history.

Our self-actualization potential is based on our ability to introspect, which in turn tells us, quite loubly, where we must dedicate some energy: emotional, psychological or physical.

The messages are there, its the path that must be walked though.


"I never want my child to look up at me and see a liar."


Tony, that's freaking awesome.

To better myself?
Physically? Try to go a little farther than I think I

Intellectually? Try to learn something new, even if
it seems insignifigant to most.

Spiritually? Force myself to be honest, even if it's
painful or embarrassing. Force myself to do the things
I really DON'T want to do. Help another person, even
at a personal cost.

The best days of my life have been those where I went
to sleep knowing that I made someone's life a little
better in some way.