Better use of government funds...NASA for Space Exploration or EPA for Environmental Remediation?

  • Space Exploration
  • Environmental Remediation

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EPA is politicized horse shit for the most part.

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Hey guys we need another billion dollars to build a spacesuit to replace the spacesuit that we went to the moon with.


Dang, I’m in the minority on this…I think EPA for sure…

Fuck the EPA.


Both should be getting way more attention and money vs militaries. Like, wtf are we even doing at this point? The only reason the world isn’t at each other’s throats constantly now is we have world ending weapons pointed at each other.


The EPA sicks goons on every automotive performance manufacturer and tuner while the rich fly in private jets. Fuck them. If you like cars you should dislike the EPA.

Great post.

Eliminate both and no one will notice

People would absolutely notice the EPA, if not immediately…

You should move to India. You’d love it there.

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People have no idea how “not automatic” the U.S.'s cleanliness is…