Better wrestler- Koscheck or Sherk

I read on another thread that many people believe Koscheck is a MUCH BETTER WRESTLER than Sean Sherk.

How do you figure?

Mike Swick, who has trained with both fighters, has stated that Sherk is the best wrestler he's trained with, and definatley has the best (and most intense) shot.

How about Frank Trigg or Josh Koscheck?

Koshcheck is the better wrestler.

Sherk has an amazing shot, but isn't the better wrestler.

It would be the same to comparing Phil Baroni to a top ten pro boxer.

if the pro boxer decided to get into MMA him and Baroni might both be KO'ing guys but a top ten boxer would still win in a boxing match even if he couldn't beat Baroni in an MMA match.

There is more to Wrestling than a good double leg, just like there is more to boxing than a powerful
jab, cross, hook combination.

"Koscheck...4 time division 1 All American, and went 42-0 en route to winning a national championship."

without olympic credentials, that's about as good as you get.

I thought Sherk wrestled for St. Cloud, but i could be wrong.

I like the Baroni comparison made above. It's really not about who's the better wrestler, but who's wrestling has been adapted to fit mma the best. I think in a wrestling match, Koscheck beats him. I think Sean has done a better job at this point suiting his wrestling for mma. Very similar to the Hughes/Kos comparisons.

""KOSCHECK will take GSP dopwn, damn near at will.." "

Frank Trigg was an international level wrestler. He was not able to take GSP down at will. Why would Koscheck be able to?

Sherk was basically unbeatable until he fought Hughes, and unfinishable until he fought GSP.

GSP's takedowns in MMA are just ridiculous...

Koscheck is the best "wrestler" at 170 in the UFC right now, but as was stated above, this ain't wrestling...

its not even a question ... kos is by far a better wrestler


uhhh....The Muscle Shark, duh.

kos was more than just a d-1 champ and 4 time all american.. he is one of the only people in NCAA history to MEDAL ALL FOUR YEARS. he has 2 bronze medals, a gold and then a silver.

oh, and, i believe Kos did compete internationally for the USA. he just did not make the world or olypic teams.