Betting Data Showing Gamblers Picking Logan Paul In Upset

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is the odds on favorite to defeat Logan Paul in their upcoming exhibition bout, but the majority of the bets are actually in favor of the YouTube star pulling off the upset.
It’s actually happening. Retired and undefeated boxing great Floyd Mayweather is actually doing an exhibition bout with YouTube sensation, Logan Paul, this Sunday night (June 6th). When the betting odds first dropped for this unlikely spectacle, Mayweather opened up as an expected -2500 betting favorite with a +900 comeback on the wildly less experienced Paul. Since then, a large influx of underdog wagers have shriveled up that betting line to -900 for Floyd, and +500 for Logan.

According to, the last week has seen 57% of bets get placed on Logan, with only 38.1% of the wagers in favor of Mayweather. How can so many people bet in favor of Paul, yet Mayweather is still a heavy betting favorite? Well, to put it simply, the real money is already on Floyd. The professional gamblers and big whales have already taken action, and whatever numerous wagers (dumb money) come flying in for the YouTuber, that dollar amount will never surpass the quantity of money that has already been dropped on Money May. We saw the same thing when Conor McGregor fought Khabib Nurmagomedov. More people bet on Conor, but more money was wagered on Khabib.

I read somewhere that conor was more of an underdog than Logan is right now. I don’t know how anyone could put up money for a fight that technically doesn’t have a winner If it goes to decision. There’s too much room to be bullshitted out of money.

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Not sure who the loser will be

I thought they weren’t allowing any betting on this fight. Or was that only in the United States?

People who pay to watch it.

There’s no declared winner so not sure how you can bet on it.

How do you lose with a 100M dolla Payday ?

I think you would have to bet via KO. I’m staying FAR away from this one though

On Bovada the fight is declared ‘no action’ if the fight goes the distance. So when you bet on your pick, you get paid if he gets the KO, you get no money and lose no money if it goes the distance, and you lose your money if he gets KOd (or TKOd or DQd).