Betting enhances fight watching?

I'm not much of a gambler, so I've never done this. However, I have heard people say this over and over.

Is there something to it? Would I enjoy the fights even more if I had a little moolah riding on the outcome?

Joey Oddessa, throw me a bone and give me a credit to bet with and I will open an account with you. I'll bet every cent you credit me and $75 more, all on UFC 67.

I actually enjoy it less. Thats why I dont bother betting anymore.

On top of that, it really sucks when you put money down on your friends, and they end up losing.

Makes sense. Thanks.

Betting enhances everything

MMA Playwrite, is your name John?

Give me a credit = give me a handout

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"Give me a credit = give me a handout"

No shit, genius. I don't see that there's any other way to interpret it.

Paul, it is not.

Putting fighters in categories on the UG ("Joe Blow is a C-level fighter," etc.) enhances fight watching and embiggens our souls.

Definitely enhances it. You are a lot more invested in who wins or loses, and get way more excited (positively or negatively) because of it.

If people are betting on the fight and thier pick doesn't come in it gives them more of a reason to whine. They stopped the fight to soon, he was holding onto the cage etc.

If you have the money to lose then it enhances the experience. If you are worried about losing the cash then it makes it less enjoyable.

My buddy from work and I often bet a lunch on fights. It makes it interesting and if you lose it's no big deal.

Chuck is trained in puch-fu.

yeah, I would say that betting ehances fight watching. It can make some of the fights you wouldn't normally care about a lot more interesting.