Betting on MMA?? Question...

I never used the net to bet on MMA. I dont know shit about it. I just remember there being talk about legislation being passed that made online gambling illegal and that banks wont transfer money in and out of your account if they can verify that you were gambling...

Im not sure of those details...anyway I want to put some money on a Pride fight. Am I right above or am I way off?

Who's site is the best to put money down and will I have problems?



There are many legit on line books that offer MMA these dyas but I would recomend looking into


I will not say anything bad about Pinnacle because I have heard nothing but good things but I had problems doing the transfer from Bank of America to them so I couldn't bet. I'm sure this is not a regular thing considering how popular they are and all of the great press they get.

I hope one day to use them.

I have had nothing but luck using

Unfortunately I have made bad bets but they have been great. Great sign up bonuses. I have had success playing roulette though on bodog

I use  I bank at wells fargo and have had nothing but good things to say about them.  They have a nice signup bonus and easily the best lines available on mma.  Compare the two, it's not even close at this point.

You can set up your direct deposits right thru them.  I recommend Citadel or Neteller to fund your account.  I actually took some cash out of Pinny on tuesday, had my check on THURSDAY!  Fantastic service.

I would say to look around and find a sight with good odds and a good sign on bonus and are ok check them out


I would say to look around and find a sight with good odds

Solid advice.  Get the most out of your money.  Dont bet a guy +200 if u can get +220. That 20 cents makes big diff over long haul and will determine whether your a winning or losing player.

But be carefull, don't sign up with books that you dont get a solid recomendation on.  Allotta bad bad books out there.