Betting the house on Woodly

Lost my house after I bet it on Conor last time but I’m betting my shack on Woodly tonight. Staying at the Motel 6 off the strip since I had to downgrade from Circus Circus.
The smart bet is Woodly. Paul stands no chance against a legit heavy hitter with quality experience.
If I lose after this I’m on the streets.


Good luck man. I’ll be keeping my money and investing in etfs or something


Easy to see why you’re homeless OP.



Woodley is a full weight class smaller than Jake. He’s on a four fight losing streak and has never boxed before.

Enjoy homelessness.


Jake Paul is only -170, that seems like good odds for a fixed fight

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Listen to this guy. Woodley s odds are very low. His MMA boxing has always been mediocre and he looks for the big haymaker.

Hope your right OP, I wanna see Paul get laid out

I didn’t see Tyron’s last two fights that people are saying were terrible,but I am picking him also.

No money on the line.

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Whatever outcome generates more income, that’s how this fight goes. I say Jake Paul by laughable win, the fix just might be in. :money_mouth_face:

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Do you think I can get my bet back from the Wynn since this is clearly a fix?

Damn op, can you bet the streets after this


Are you a homeless fuck?

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Homeless GIF by memecandy


Checking out of motel 6 tomorrow but spent the last $40 I had on an Uber to the Planet Hollywood spice market buffet, which by the way was shit. Now I gotta figure out a way to bypass the resort fees I’m going to get charged.

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Pack your shit and bail bro. Only thing you can do


jajaajajajajaja!!! gotya house!!! jajajajajajajja!!!


Woodley landed a bomb but Jake has an iron chin

Sorry you’re back on the streets OP.

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