Bettor hits 12-fight parlay on UFC 131

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                                Bettor hits 12-fight parlay on UFC 131

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                    <p>Picking winners in mixed martial arts is never easy. The sport is unpredictable, the fighters at the highest levels are usually fairly evenly matched, and every event has a few surprises.</p>

That's why what one bettor did this weekend is so impressive: He got all 12 fights right at UFC 131, and put his money where his predictions were. The online sports book confirmed on Monday that a bettor (who has not been publicly identified) put down $200 on a 12-fight parlay, went 12-for-12, and made $51,547.

"Hitting parlays in MMA happens often but to hit every fight right on a 12-fight card in one night is unheard of, especially that the parlay included a mix of favorites and a few medium underdogs, including two controversial decisions that went in the bettor's favor." Bodog Sports Book Director Richard Gardner told

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OK, which UG member is this?

wow! congrats to, Not Been Publicly Identified

 it's pretty awesome.

Dana White?

That's awesome, got lucky with some decisions though.. Phone Post

Well we know for sure it wasn't motph Phone Post

^ lol I would have been shitting my pants if I was him Phone Post

Maybe it was CRE... Phone Post

 Parlay should have been over after the first fight.

Awesome win Phone Post

$200 on a 12 fight parlay is balls Phone Post

Wow. Phone Post

MattBenwa - OK, which UG member is this?

I don't think Nelson Hamilton is on the UG.

now that explains why the judging sucked lol

This is good PR for the sportsbooks.

Not saying it didn't happen because it could have BUT now you'll have a bunch of casual bettors/nitwits throwing hundred's down 12-fight parlays for UFC 132. Sportsbooks win with this one. They'll recoup the parlay loss in this instance (if it did happen) in no time.

So we finally know who the fucking Judge that was giving away all the first rounds was

Amazing. I would never have the cajones to put $200 on a 12-fight parlay.

Judges were clearly in on this.

 Amazing well done