Beverly Hills Cop vs 48 Hours.

Which one of these classic 80s movies do you like better and why? I pick 48 watching Beverly hills Cop right now and it's ok but the main theme that is played every 2 minutes is getting very annoying


Listen here you twisted serial killer wanna be;



Beverly Hills Cop theme is the greatest there ever was.



jp don’t kill me or rape my wife

Plus, Eddie Murphys laugh isn't funny at all's also over used and just not funny...

My childhood memories wanna say 48hrs for the comedic hilarity of a funny Eddie, juxtaposed with a man who doesn't find things funny in Nolte....


But I gotta BHC. For the ol' bananna in the tailpipe.


"You take those bananas" (Damon Wayans)

Close but I'm gonna say 48hrs. BTW that movie has some of the funniest one liners ever, though most of them are racist, so there's no way it would be "accepted" today since everyone is an overly sensitive fag. 

Beverly hills cop 2 bitch

48. Nolte is one of the best salty characters ever. Love both though. 

Man they are both excellent as fuck. 


48 hours