Beware - Fight Print Shop

A family member of mine, Rick Tasler, is a promoter for a small show. 

Rick ordered a new mat, skirt and vinyl pads with sponsor stickers, from a company out of Texas called "Fight Print Shop" ( The guys name was Hector Molina. He promised high quality and sent proofs that looked great, so RIck paid around $2,000. He received very low quality mat outsourced from a company in Mexico. He then went MIA, hasn't received the other items he paid for nor has he been reimbursed. 

Hopefully this doesn't happen to anyone else, so think twice before doing any business with this guy ripping the MMA community off.

Feel free to help blow this man up at his numbers and e-mail below.

Cell: 956-229-0049

Work phone: 956-744-8890


Thank you all UG! 

From the Texas MMA scene and I never heard of the dude...

So sorry to hear he ripped off Rick, and glad you are standing up for him.

Two good dudes. Phone Post 3.0

Hey Justin, thanks for the support and kind words. Just trying to be as great of a person as you my man.

I can't wait until you fight again, that last fight was awesome, especially the point at the foot. DId you see the video of it I added to my instagram (@HollywoodCase)?

I'm guessing that he paid with a check or cash, right? I hope that he used a credit card so he can dispute the charge. Is it too late to do a so payment if he paid with a check? Phone Post 3.0

TTT, I know he's not a guy pretending to be a BJJ black belt but lets see some classing UG witch hunting for shit like this.

Ttt Phone Post 3.0