Bewareofthehype! Gracie vs. Hughs

okay y'all,
I'm looking as forward to this fight as anybody, but I was worried that because there is so much hype for this fight that anything short of Helio, Rickson, and Royler squaring off against Miletich, Sylvia, and Pulver at the end of the fight will not meet my expectations. But because the other fights on the card all have the possibility of being exciting as hell, I think it will be an awesome UFC 60!


not a hater just a realist. I'm a huge UFC fan, just trying to curb my expectations so I'm not disappointed. I think it's going to be an awesome UFC if you read the whole post, let's not start with name calling on here, pretty stupid being on a computer!


Agreed, it's often the most hyped fights that are the most boring.

But then that's why you have stars in sports, b/c it's about the drama and the stars give you that.