Beyond Brawn!

By Stuart McRobert.

Hove any of you guys read it. What do you think of it?


Great book.

2 Thumbs up!

I like it a lot. It covers many things. It is kind of a general lifting book. It is a good read no matter what your goal is.

A great read about lifting with some good insight from the author.

I have Brawn and it is an EXCELLENT book, the best I have ever read on weightlifting, I cannot promote it highly enough, and I have bought a few!

Some day McRobert and i are going to fight and find out who the real man is.

My money is on me.


PS. Hey someone had to give it a bad review. I've never read it, but i've talked with McRobert and looked at his routines and i don't like them.

There's always one guy...

and it's usually DOUG!!!!


Why don't you like it?


goes against his periodization dogma

I think McRobert's take on periodization makes a lot of sense. I've read other books by Tudor Bompa and a few others and they have a completely different approach. Apparently it works but McRobert's approach does too. It's about adding microloads when the big gains dry up. I think one of the examples he gives in the book is himself on a 7 or 8 month deadlifting cycle. Adding weight all the time, in smaller and smaller increments.

You WILL gain from following McRobert's advices (and he has lots). At an advanced level there are probably other methods to produce the worlds strongest powerlifters or the best bodybuilders. But the book is not aimed for the strongest of the strongest or the biggest of the biggest. It's about getting the average guy a lot bigger and stronger safely. And it does a great job at that.

I also have his "The insider's tell-all handbook on weight training technique". Equally good.