Beyond Good and Evil $20

This game just came out like 4 weeks ago and now it's only $20?

It got good reviews, now Ubisoft is dropping ths price. Has anyone played it? Is it worth $20?

it looks really good... rent it if you are not sure but $20 is a great deal

I just picked up this game and it's really fun! It has great music and I have never seen a game look so good on the Xbox or Gamecube either.

cool, I'm was going to rent but now I'll buy =D

Where do you get it for $9.99 for PS2?

I believe it was at circuit city

I finished it last weekend. It was kinda short (9 hrs), but I liked it. I would've been happier if you they gave you a reason to play it again.

I saw the box and it looked a little gay. Is it really that great? What would be another game that you could compare it to?

Would it be a good one for my wife?

It probably is good for your wife... It's weird, it's a 3rd person conspiracy game with a lot of picture taking in it.

jman, I liked it, but it seemed a little "pre-teen action cartoon" to me. I would consider the gameplay and story line to be chick-friendly, although you still whup on badguys, shoot stuff, and race. It's just less overtly bad-ass than other similar games. It's a platformer, like Jak&Dax or Ratchet&Clank, but not quite as frustrating. The camera gimmick is pretty cool, too.
Overall, it was good, not brilliant, and kinda short.


Just got back from the local video game store and bought in NEW for $19.99. Going to suprise the wife with it when she gets back from her studio (painting).

Will report back with more details.

Just got done playing it for 20 minutes...

...this game is major gay...

...forget about it... wife didn't even like it...

...thanks for the crappy advice, what are you guys smokin?

Jman, where you the one that had the wrestling web page?

Yeah, but I don't have it anymore. I changed from Earthlink to Verizon DSL and lost the web pages.