Bezerker Belfort has a great chance

 I have thought for a long time anyone who came at Jones like a hurricane would pose a huge threat.    Prime Wanderli or Belfort were guys on my list.

When you look at when guys have been successful in landing punches on Jones its been when they pushed forward.

I hope to god we see berzerker Belfort and not another fighter who stands on the outside getting destroyed by Jones reach.

But what do I know.

Belfort version vs Eastman would do just fine.

Belfort got taken down by Rumble last time out. I'm not sure what Vitor has for jones if he decides to take him down Phone Post

yes he has a 45 second chance.

Didn't Greg Jackson say that JJ would have fought chael on the 22nd? Why isn't he then? Phone Post

cheesesteak - yes he has a 45 second chance.


I think Vitor wins just over how random this all is Phone Post

IronTigerMMA - I honestly think vitor will win easily because of how bad Jon's life is lately he won't be ready Phone Post

Easily is not a word I would use Phone Post

If Vitor pushes forward he's gonna get KOed. I give him no chance in this fight. I don't even care to watch it live. I'll just read the results. Phone Post

So happy for Vitor! He's one of my favourite, if he comes out hungry I think he has as good a chance as anyone. WAR Belfort! Phone Post