Bezos to die in space

Looks like he’s going into space next month on his blue origin spaceship. It would seem they are lightyears behind SpaceX. Have they actually done anything?


It will be Bezos aboard… but his reptilian overlord will stay on earth and oversee Amazon operations.


5 days after he steps down from Amazon he’s doing this. Sounds like he’s ready to check out!

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Watch, he’ll take out a huge life insurance policy the day before the wreck… er… I mean launch.

Some guy named Yeff Yezos will be the benefactor.


Hopefully it goes to space as smoothly as the Challenger.


Are there gambling odds yet?


I will believe it when I see it.
Sounds like media manipulation to gain attention for his second-rate spaceship company.
Someone is jealous that elon is getting all the attention.
You know he’s not happy that spaceX gets all the press.

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Elon has successfully launched astronauts into space and safely returned them to earth. I’ve never heard of gay named blue origin even testing a rocket.

And I’m sure Bezos doesn’t like coming in second place in anything, so he wants to get more attention for his blue origin space program.
I’d bet it drives him nuts that spaceX is so successful and his is barely known to the general public.

It’s an 11 minute flight that barely sniffs what we consider “space.”


Plus that Louis Vuitton guy has surpassed him as the richest person so that has to eat him up!

Shits gonna blow up like the challenger they’ll never recover the body and somewhere on Epstein’s island Yeff Yezos is gonna be sipping Mai Thais.

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5 days after stepping down as CEO of Amazon seems like a prime time to space travel no?

Blue Origin has done some cool things. I think they were successful at landing and reusing rockets before SpaceX was (could be wrong there).

The two companies have different goals for space and I think there is room for both of them. SpaceX has been more successful thus far, but my understanding is Bezos is retiring from Amazon to focus on B.O., so it might speed up, too.

Good 'ole American competition.

P.S. My first thought was that he is totally going to blow up.

Yup this fool is gonna die!

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Rooting for the ground to win early

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