BF 1942

I have a few questions.

1) Can you use a microphone for online gaming? ( I know you can, but can you with this game), how do you do it?, I just bought a mic and want to use it for BF 1942.

2) I just downloaded the 0.6 desert combat version and installed it, but when I play it there are times when all the landscape of the game go white. I don't have problems with BF 1942, or the road to rome, could this be my grafx card ? Should I turn certain settings down? Anyone else have this problem, or any advice is appreciated.

3) Which servers do you guys play on? If you can give the IP's and your screennames would be best.

1) Not to my knowledge. If you are in a clan or know people on the server you are on you could download Teamspeak and run that whilst playing.

2) I don't have DC0.6. Did it do it in 0.5?

I suspect your graphics card isn't the problem if the other 2 work OK, but seeing as you didn't say what it is its hard to make a judgement.

3) Im not playing this at the moment.

I have a GeForce MX 420

The MX is renowned as being shitty and it isn't compatible with DirectX 9 features. That said, it seems strange that a mod for a game would add such features.

If it only does it intermitently, my advice would be to check if its overheating. Its possible this could be causing the problem.

1. ya but you need to be on a team speak,ventrillo or some other voice server. only really fun for matches not fun to play on public servers with.

2. update or roll back your drivers. go to (sp?) they will have the driver you need to dl.

3. [WOG]Army server. my handle is DiabloBlanco or WhiteDevil.

I just got this game a week ago, tons o fun! I have the desert v.6 installed, Road to Rome too.If any of you see me in game be sure to say hello.I go by (CABL)Spankenstyne