BF:V vs UT2K4 vs Farcry (multi)

Which is best from a purely multiplayer perspective?

Battlefield Vietnam, Unreal Tournament 2004 or Far Cry?

Ut 2k4 would be my guess.

BF:V and UT2k4 are very similar in regards to the types of games to play like capture or conquer. Both have vehicles, but BF uses classes like team fortress, were 2k4 is run and gun. UT has some unique game types.

Farcry's multiplayer is a load of crap. Vehicles are a nice touch, but otherwise just another straight up deathmatch. Having to sign up to even play on their servers was painful. Perfect the head shot!

I wrote all this and then saw who orginally created the thread, and you know all this shit.

So, my vote would be BF:V. I think its a bit more complex in terms of pure multiplayer, I guess simply because of the different classes, otherwise UT2k4 is on the same lvl.

i like BF: VIetnam

BF:Vietnam is the best of those three in my opinion.