Bhutan to Ban WWE?

The Buddhist nation of Bhutan is considering banning WWE programming. Here are some excerpts of interest an article on this most unique of situations:

"Bhutan lies among the wild peaks of the Himalayas, wedged between China and India. Bhutan is the last survivor of the independent Buddhist states of the Himalayas. Tibet is under Chinese occupation, while Sikkim has been annexed by India.

Television only came to the remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan five years ago. Until then it was banned, for fear of the corrupting influence it might have on the country's Buddhist way of life.

Now, after five years of unrestricted viewing, the influence of the small screen on a country that has been described as the "last Shangri La" has its leaders worried - especially by American wrestling. The choreographed fighting of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is being blamed for rising violence and plans are being considered to stop it being shown.

Television and the internet were allowed for the first time in 1999, to mark King Jigme Singye Wangchuk's silver jubilee. Most of the country is without paved roads. Even where there are good roads, the terrain is so untamed it can take two hours to travel 40 miles. About 70 per cent of Bhutan's 800,000 people still live without electricity.

The country only opened up to foreign tourism in 1974 and since then travellers have brought home stories of an unspoilt landscape of 24,000ft peaks and a traditional way of life.

So the arrival of international television came as something of a shock to many. When WWE wrestling was first shown in Bhutan, it perplexed the people, who did not know that the violence depicted was carefully staged. The country's only newspaper received several letters from Bhutanese children asking why men were beating each other up.

And now there are reports of increasing violence in Bhutan's schools, with children copying wrestling moves they see on television."

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Well there goes the WWE Himalayan Smackdown Tour. I guess John Cena will have to cancel his order for a Bhutan athletic jersey.

LMAO!!! but really....WHO CARES ?!!?

Bhutan makes cigarette lighters, no?